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Cosm - Ch 06 - Muscles

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3 TYPES of musclesstriated, non-striated, & cardiac
striated musclevoluntary, controlled by will (raise hand to wave)
non-striated muscleinvoluntary, automatically function (move food through intestines)
cardiac muscleheart- involuntary
3 PARTS of a muscleorigin, insertion, belly
muscle's originpart of muscle that does NOT move
muscle's insertionpart of muscle at the more MOVABLE attachment
muscle's bellymiddle of muscle
direction of massagefrom INSERTION to ORIGIN
5 things that stimulate musclesheat, moist heat, light rays, massage, chemicals
cosmetologist is concerned with VOLUNTARY muscles in___head, neck, arms, hands
3 muscles in scalpoccipitalis, frontalis, & aponeurosis
occipitalismuscle that draws the scalp BACKWARD
frontalisriases the eyebrows, draws the scalp FORWARD 7 causes wrinkles
aponeurosisTENDON that connects occipitalis & frontalis
3 muscles of the earauricularis superior, auricularis anterior, auricularis posterior
auricularis superiorABOVE the ear; draws ear upward
auricularis anteriorin FRONT of ear; draws ear forward
auricularis posteriorBEHIND ear; draws ear backward
mastication means _______chewing
2 muscles of masticationmasseter & temperalis
What do the masseter & temperalis do?aid in opening & closing mouth (chewing)
2 muscles of the neckplatysma & sternocleido mastoideus
platysmaaids in lowering the lower JAW and lip
sternocleidomastoideusaids in lowering and rotating HEAD
2 muscles of eyebrowscarragarer muscle & orbicularis oculi
carragarer musclelocated beneath frontalis; draws eyebrows & wrinkles forhead
orbicularis oculiring muscle of the eye socket; enables eyes to close
muscle of the noseprocerus
proceruslowers eyebrows; covers bridge of nose
# of muscles in mouth9
buccinatorthin flat muscle of cheek between upper & lower jaw (WHISTLING)
depressor (or quadratus) labii INFERIORISlowers LOWER lip
levator anguli oris or caninusraises an angle of the mouth & draws it inward
depressor (or quadratus) labii SUPERIORISsurrounds UPPER lipl dilates nostrils
mentaliselevates LOWER lip and raises/wrinkles CHIN
orbicularis orispuckers lips (KISSING)
risoriuscorners of mouth (GRINNING)
triangularispulls down corners of mouth (FROWN)
zygomaticusextends from zygomatic bone to elevate lip (LAUGHING)
muscles that attach arms to bodylatimus dorsi, pectoralis maj/min, serritus anterior, trapezius
pectoralis major and minorin chest; aids in swinging arms
serritus anteriorin chest; assists with breathing & raising arm
trapesitusupper & middle region of BACK
3 muscles of shoulder & armbiceps, deltoids, triceps
extensorsstraighten the wrist, hand, & fingers
flexorsbending the wrist
pronatorsturn hand inward palm-down
supinatorrotates radius outward & palm upward
3 muscles of handabductors, adductors, opponent
abductorsseparate fingers
adductorsbring fingers together
opponentpulls THUMB toward fingers

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