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Vergil 2.235-249

stuppeus, -a, -ummade of flax/hemp
intendō, intendere, intendī, intentusto stretch (across/around)
scandō, scandereto climb to the top of; to climb into; to tower over
fūnis, fūnis (m)rope, cable
inlābor, inlābī, inlāpsus sumto move smoothly, glide
subsistō, subsistere, substitīto stand firm; to halt (in one’s path), stop short
sistō, sistere, stetī, statusto cause to stand, set (up); to halt, stop; to steady, stabalize
iussus, -ūs (m)order, command
ultimus, -a, -umfarthest; last, final
vēlō (1)to cover; to decorate (ritually)
frōns, frondis (f)leafy part of a tree, foilage

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