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Review for Sound Unit

Vocabulary review

diffractionbending of waves around an obstacle
interferencetwo waves traveling through the same space
compressionarea where molcules bunch together in a longitudinal wave
rarefactionwhere molecules spread out in a longitudinal wave
troughthe lowest part of a sound wave
crestthe highest part of a sound wave
wavelengthshortest distance between two adjacent points in the waves
amplitudemaximum displacement from the resting position
frequencynumber of complete wavelengths that occur in one second
pitchdetermined by frequency
mediummaterial through which sound travels
decibelmeasurement of amplitude
Hertzmeasurement of frequency
cochleaspiral shaped inner ear structure
anvilpasses vibrations from the hammer to the stirrup
ear drumthin membrane in the middle ear
hammertiny bone that passes vibrations to the anvil
auditory nervecarry signals to the brain from the cochlea
semicircular canalshelp maintain balance
stirruppasses vibrations to the cochlea
oval windowvery small membrane located in the inner ear

Fourth Group Teacher
Avery Coonley School
Downers Grove, IL

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