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6th Grade "Oct, Nov" Word Study

oct (definition)eight
nov (definition)nine, nineth, new
octagon (definition)a shape having eight angles and eight sides
octagon (sentence)The stop sign at the end of our street has an ___ shape.
octennial (definition)occurring every eight years
octennial (sentence)The comet was celebrated on its __ visit, after appearing 8 years ago.
octopod (definition)any eight-armed sea animal having eight arms
octopod (sentence)I'm so afraid of any __ after seeing the movie "The Kracken"!
novel (noun definition)a work of fiction of considerable length
novel (noun sentence)Jake bought a ___ called Hunger Games, which he read in one week.
novel (adjective definition)new and not resembling something previously known or used
novel (adjective sentence)Silence in the class was such a ___ idea, that the teacher was surprised.
novice (definition)a beginner
novice (sentence)Although Nick was a ___ at baseball, he wanted to play in the majors.
novelty (definition)something new and unusual
novelty (sentence)American Idol is no longer a ___, because many shows have copied its format.
renovate (definition)to restore to an early state
renovate (sentence)Tim the Tool man tried to ___ the bathroom but wrecked it instead.

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