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Ancient Greece And Rome

Match the answers to the descriptions.

Gods of Ancient GreeceZeus(King), Ares, Posseidon, Aphrodite
Gods of Ancient RomeJupiter(King), Mars, Neptune, Venus
A CivilizationA group of people who come together to share their culture, language, and art to advance in the sciences that share a form of government.
Characteristics of a civilizationlanguage, government, advances in Sciences, and a defined culture.
Ancient Greece GovernmentDirect Democracy or Democratic Government
Ancient Rome GovernmentRepublican or Representative Government
Rome's ArchitectureBuildings with arches and the Colosseum.
Greece's ArchitectureThe Parthenon, buildings with colums.
Children over 5 were....taught in school
Women and girlsWove fabrics, cooked, and completed chores.
Two continents that bordered Rome were...Asia and Africa
AgoraA gathering place in Acient Greece.
Mediterranean SeaThe sea that borderes Rome.
Atlantic OceanThe ocean that borders Rome.
Foods eaten by the people of Ancient Greece and Rome were...Fish, olives, rabbits, and other small game animals.
A Bath HouseA gathering place for the men of Rome.
Greece and Rome Music and ArtsLyre(musical) mosaics,pottery, sculptures, architecture.
Greece is also known for...The birthplace of democracy and the Olympic Games.
Rome is also known for...Chariot Races and aqueducts(tunnels that were dug into the graound to supply crops with water.

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