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Vergil 2.583-620

etsīeven if, although
exstinguō, exstinguere, exstīnxī, exstīnctusto extinguish, put out; to kill
ultrīx, ultrīcis (f adj)that exacts revenge, avenging
satiō, -āreto satisfy
cōnfiteor, cōnfitērī, cōnfessus sumto admit, confess; reveal
caelicola, -ae (m/f)inhabitant of heaven, heaven-dweller, god/goddess
quōnam (adv)to what place (on earth)
culpātus, -a, -umworthy of censure, reprehensible, guilty
inclēmentia, -aeunkindness, harshness, severity
obdūcō, obdūcere, obdūxī, obductusto lead toward/against; to cover (with clouds)
hebetō, -āreto make blunt, to make dim, weak
cālīgō, -āreto be misty/cloudy; to make cloudy
undō, -āreto rise in waves, surge; to billow, eddy
quatiō, quatere, quassusto move vigorously back and forth; to shake
īnsideō, īnsidēre, īnsēdī, īnsessusto sit, be seated at, settle on
effulgeō, effulgēre, effulsīto shine/blaze forth, flash, gleam
suscitō, -āreto arouse, stir up

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