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Ch. 4 Vocabulary

passive listeninglistening role in which the listener does not share in the responsibility nor involve himself in the communication process
listening spare timethinking time created by the ability to listen faster than people can speak
appreciative listeninglistening style used to enjoy and savor pleasurable sounds such as music and nature
discriminitive listeninglistening style used to single out one particular sound from a noisy environment
Empathetic listeningstyle of listening encouraging people to talk freely without fear of embarassment
Critical listeninglistening style used to evaluate and analyze a message for logic and value
Filtersto use emotional barriers to absorb information selectively
Testimonialscelebrity or expert endorsement of a message
False Comparisonscomparison of unlike things
Jump on the Bandwagonpersuasive technique based on the need to conform
Stack the Deckto present unbalanced evidence that only presents one side
Name Callingto give someone a negative label without any evidence
door openersa phrase used by the listener to invite the speaker to continue
Paraphraseto repeat in one's own words
Summarizeto cover the main points in a compact manner without wasted words

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