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Properties of Water

InorganicDoes not contain carbon
OrganicContains carbon (and hydrogen)
PolarUnequal distribution of charge
CohesionAttraction between like molecules (water to water)
AdhesionAttraction between different molecules (water to something else)
Atoms that make water2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen
SoluteMolecule being dissolved or broken apart
SolventSubstance that dissolves another material
SolutionCombination of solute and solvent together
AcidpH below 7
BasepH above 7
NeutralpH of 7
Density of liquid waterMore dense than ice
Density of iceLess dense than liquid water
Surface tensionWater molecules on the surface are more tightly attracted to each other than the water molecules below
Capillary actionWater will move up narrow tubes due to its adhesion to the sides of the tubes and its cohesion to other water molecules
NonpolarMolecules with an equal distribution of charge
Hydrogen bondWeak attraction between polar water molecules
DensityMass per unit volume (how compacted)
Universal solventWater because of its polarity dissolves most polar and ionic compounds
Opposite chargesAttract each other
Like chargesRepel each other
MeniscusCurved shape of the top of water in a graduated cylinder

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