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Introduction to Plants

Reviews for test "Introduction to Plants"

prothallusheart-shaped gametophyte of a fern
cellulosewhat the cell wall is made of
nonvascularplants with no tubes
rhizoidrootlike structure of a moss plant
sporophytemakes spores
gametophytemakes gametes
gametesmale sperm and female egg
alternation of generationslife cycle includes sporophyte and gametophyte stages
pioneer speciesfirst plants to grow in disturbed areas
vascularplants with tubes
rhizomeunderground stem of a fern
frondleaf of a fern
soriround structures under fern leaf that produces spores
archegoniumstructure that produces eggs on gametophytes
antheridiumstructure that produces sperm on gametophytes
mossnonvascular plant
liverwortnonvascular plant
fernseedless vascular plant
sporesgerminate into gametophytes
zygoteformed when sperm and egg unite
regular shapeplant cell
irregular shapeanimal cell
chloroplastgreen structure containing chlorophyll where photosynthesis occurs
eukaryoticcells have a true nucleus
multicellularmade up of many cells
autotrophicmakes food by the process of photosynthesis
cell wallsurrounds the cell membrane of plant cells
chlorophyllgreen pigment in chloroplasts that traps the sun's energy
meiosisproduces haploid spores
mitosiscell division

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