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Africa Geography G1,G2, G3.G4

effect poor soil & deforestation haveland is useless for farming
why some govts. ignore pollutionwant industries to make as much money as possible
best describes the Saharadry, hot desert
might lead to "water wars"competition over river systems
overgrazing & drought cause thisdesertification
how shortage of safe drinking water affects developmentslow economic growth
what's destroyed grassland & forestscontinuous farming & over-grazing
describe the Bantumany different people who share language & culture
goods Arab traders carriedgold and salt
what's a nomadone who wonders
what religion did Arab bringIslam
factor in destruction of rainforestrapidly growing population
how can Africans protest savannasset land aside as national parks
major problem of depending on Nile River as water sourcecontaminated with human & industrial waste
why population is low in the Saharalimited access to water
would describe traditional religious beliefsbelieve in influence of ancestors

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