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Rome and Byzantine- Test yourself

Julius Ceasardictator for life, conquered Gaul
Augustus Caesarfirst Emperor of Rome; his rule started the Pax Romana
plebeianmiddle/low Roman social class
HannibalCarthaginian general who fought with elephants
JustinianByzantine emperor; built the Hagia Sophia
TheodoraJustianian's wife
Paulimportant Christian apostle; helped spread Christianity
DiocletianRoman emperor who divided the empire into 2 parts
Constantinemade Christianity legal and moved the capital to Byzantium
First TriumvirateMarcus Crasses, Pompey, and Julis Ceasar
Virgilwrote the Aeneid
Homerwrote the Illiad and Odyssey
Alexander the Greatconquered Greece and all of old persian empire around
Jesus of Nazarethprophet of Christianity
PtolemyRoman scientist; though the universe was geocentric (earth centered)
CleopatraEgyptian ruler, had an affair with Marc Antony
OctavianAugustus Caesar's name before becoming emperor
St. Cyriladapted the Slav alphabet to the Greek to create Cyrillic alphabet
Popeleader of the Catholic church
Patriarchleader of the Greek Orthodox church

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