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Byzantium and Islam

Play this many times. There are at least 32 terms and facts to know!

What is this building?Hagia Sophia
ConstantinopleCapitol of Byzantine Empire
Mediterranean and Black SeasBodies of Water important to Byzantium
JustinianEmperor who codified Roman Law
ConstantineEmperor who legalized Christianity
TheodoraEmpress who increased women's rights
St. CyrilByzantine missionary who gave an alphabet to Slavs, Bulgarians, Russians and Serbs
SilkMajor emport of the Byzantine Empire
Greek, Roman, PersianCultures that made up Byzantine culture
GreekLanguage spoken in Byzantium
Eastern Orthodox ChristianityByzantine religion
Head of the Orthodox ChurchPatriarch
Roman Catholic ChristianityWestern Roman religion
Head of the Roman Catholic ChurchPope
Iconsreligious images whose use created controversy
SchismMeans separation particularly of religious groups
MosaicsIn Byzantium, these were pictures of religious or political images put together with tiles or pieces of glass
Who ended the Byzantine Empire?Ottoman Turks (Muslims)
Who founded Islam?Muhammad, the Prophet
Location where Islam was foundedMecca (Makkah)
MonotheismBelief in one god (for Muslims, this is "Allah")
Quran (Koran)Muslim Holy Book; the word of God
Five Pillars of IslamFaith, Worship, Giving, Pilgrimage, Fasting
Jesus and MosesMinor prophets in Islam
How did Islam spread?Conquests and trade routes
Geography of the Islamic regionDesert, Fertile Crescent, Arabia
Language of the Islamic civilizationArabic
Two relgious cities the Muslims took overDamascus and Jerusalem
Battle of Tours (in France)Muslims were defeated here and stopped from entering Europe any farther than Spain
Islamic DivisionsSunni and Shi'a
Accomplishments of the Islamic civilizationmosaics, Arabic alphabet, universities, ancient texts in Arabic, algebra, medicine, geographic knowledge
Dome of the RockFamous mosque in Jerusalem
Muslims borrowed Arabic numerals, zero and algebra from this civilizationIndia

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