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The Westing Game Vocab Games

Tenantsowns real estate an sometimes personal property by any kind of right
ExclusiveKeeping someone or something away or hidden
Plushluxurious and soft
Stationaryletters that sometimes come with matching envelopes
Warpedto judge, choose, or act strange or abnormally
ChandeliersA light hanging on the ceiling that is ornate
AlcoveA small section in a room
StockySturdy and thick. Probably wonÂ’t break.
Maggotsa soft legless grub that comes from a common housefly
Gruesomecausing horror or repulsion
Stubblea rough surface like a beard
Asyluma place that gives the feeling of safety and security
Hassockcushion or stool that is used for resting
Pudgyshort and fat
Lunatica crazy and sometimes insane person
PodiatryThe care of a human foot
Amputationto remove a body part
NapeThe back of the neck
GauntExtremely thin and bony
AdvertedTo bring attention by writing or speaking
AmpleTo have a lot of in a certain space
Putridrotten and smelly
Rationalhaving reason or understanding
recedeto move or back away from something
Corpsea dead body
Immigranta person who comes from another country to live in a new place
MeagerThin or small
PyrotechnicA substance in a firework
CoronerA public officer
ExecutionerA person who kills another person by court order

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