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Poetry Vocabulary

assonanceRepetition of similar vowel sounds followed by different consonant sounds in words that are close together.
consonanceThe repetition of consonant sounds with differing vowel sounds in words near each other in a line or lines of poetry.
hyperboleA figure of speech that uses exaggeration to express strong emotion, to make a point, or to evoke humor.
rhymeRepetition of the same stressed vowel sounds and any succeeding sounds in two or more words.
rhyme scheme: a repeated pattern of end rhymes; usually marked with letters of the alphabet (ABBA would mark a rhyme scheme in the first stanza of, say, dog/man/plan/fog; CDDC would mark a rhyme scheme in the second stanza of, say, map/press/dress/slap).
End RhymeRhyme occurring at the end of lines.
Internal RhymeRhyme occurring within a single line
Slant RhymeOccurs when words include sounds that are similar but not identical.
QuatrainA stanza or poem consisting of four lines. Lines 2 and 4 must rhyme while having a similar number of syllables.
SonnetA lyric poem that consists of 14 lines which usually have one or more conventional rhyme schemes.
Diamante Poemthere are seven lines, and each line must have a specific number and type of words. When you're finished, the poem will be in the shape of a diamond.
MeterThe measured pattern of rhythmic accents in poems.
RhythmThe recurrence of accent or stress in lines of verse.
SettingThe time and place of a literary work that establishes its context
ToneThe implied attitude of a writer (or speaker) toward the subject and characters of a work.
SymbolAn object or action in a literary work that means more than itself, that stands for something beyond itself.
Stanzaa grouping of lines in a poem (much like a paragraph); the number of lines can follow a strict form, or be organically chosen as in free verse.
Anaphorarepetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of the line.
Coupleta two line stanza, or the same rhyme pattern in two conjoined lines.
Concrete PoemThe shape of the poem on the page symbolizes the content of the poem.

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