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S.S. Chapter 10 People to Know

A-Khwarizimemathematician, wrote a book explaining Indian arithmetic, he also made significant contributions to the deveopment of Algebra
MuhammadThe prophet and founder of Islam, went into a cave a heard a voice of an angel
Basil IIwas emperor from 976 until 1025, while under his rule the empire regained some of the land it had lost, and ther ewas a burst of creativity in the arts
Rumia poet, founder of religious group known as whirling dervishes
Constantinean emperor of the roman empire and the founder of constantinople. became a Christian and stopped the persecution of the christians in the empire
Justinianone of the greatest Byzantine emperors. founder of Justinians code. He listened to all of his subjects
Prince IgorTried to capture Constantinople, but got shot by Greek fire. Prince of Kiev
Uthmanthe leader of the muslim community, was assassinated, his death split the muslim world in two.
Omar Khayyama muslim poet, mathemetician and astronomer
Ibn Sinafamous islamic scientist and philosopher, he organized the medical knowledge of the Greeks and Arabs into the canon of medicine
Harun-ar-Rashidcaliph of Baghdad. His rule was a time of prosperity. Was a great supporter of the arts.

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