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Cosm - Ch 21 - Hair Removal (30 ?s)

chemical depilatorytemporary hair removal- requires a skin test before being used
tweezingtemporary method- used for shaping eyebrows
electrolysispermanent method of hair removal
skin testprocedure that determines if individual is sensitive to product
shavingtemporary method used for legs and under arms
shortwaveanother name for thermolysis
wax depilartorytemprary method - apply wax either heated or cold
electric tweezingtemporary method transmitting r4adio frequency energy down hair shaft into follicle
physical types of deilatories (2)hot and cold waxes
pre-shave lotionreduces skin irritation from electric clipper
When is talcum powder used?before applying hot wax
How can efficiency of electronic tweezers be increased?steam area first
Does shaving cause thicker or stronger hair?NO
What determines size of needle in electrolysis?diameter of hair
In electrolysis, the needle is inserted until what?there is slight resistance
What determines how long a chemical depilatory stays on?the thickness of the hair
In electrolysis, what determines the angle the needle is inserted>the angle the hair is growing
What is applied in the SAME direction as hair growth?wax dipilatories
Powder forms of chemical depilatory are mixed with what?mixed with water to form a paste
An electrolysis needle is held much like a _____pen or pencil
hirsutiesgrowth of unusual amount of hair
another term for hypertrichosishirsuties
do NOT remove hair if there is:psoriasis, sunburn, blood thinner, recent cosmetic surgery
3 methods of PERMANENT hair removalelectrolysis, photoepilation, laser
4 types of TEMPORARY hair removalshaving, tweezing, electronic tweezers, depilatories
always test temperature of this before applyinghot wax
Apply WHAT in case of redness on sensitive skin?an aloe gel
What should wax be applied with?spatula or wooden applicator
threadingEastern cultures-temporary removal-cotton thread is twiseted and rolled to catch hair
sugaringtype of epilator; hair can be removed even if only 1/8 in-dissolves with warm water

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