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SCieNCE BeCK 7th-vocab

Vocabulary for 7th graders at Beck on chapters 13-17 all 25 words

vertebratesanimal with backbone
invertebratesanimal without backbone
bilateral symmetrydescribes animals that have body parts arranged in the same way on both sides of their body
radial symmetryDescribes animals that have body parts arranged in a circle around a central point similar to a bicycle wheel
setaein a segmented worm, bristle like structures on the outside of the body that help it grip soil and move
cropin an earthworm, a sac inthe digestive system that sores soil eaten by the worm
gizzardin an earthworm, a muscular structure in the digestive system that grinds up soil
exoskeletonon an arthropod, the hard lightweight external covering that sheilds, supports, and prtects their bodies
cold bloodeddescribes an animal whose body temp. varies with the temp. of its surroundings
warm bloodeddescribes an animal whose body temps. stays the same, regardless of temp. changes in its environment
predatoran organism that kills and eats prey to obtain energy
preyan organism that is eaten by a predet
scaleshard,thin, overlapping plates that cover and protects a fish's body
amphibiansa cold blooded vertebrate whose permeable skin, strong skeleton and hibernation or estivation abilities adapt it to water and on land
hibernationan adaption for winter survival during which an animal becomes inactive and all body processes slow down
reptilea cold blooded vertebrate that has dry, scaley skin and lays eggs covered with a leathery shell
amntiote egga type of egg that provides a complete environment for the developing embryo
mammary glandsglands in female mammals that produce milk for feeding young
mammalsa warm blooded vertebrate with insulating ar and mammary glands
instincta complex pattern of innate behavior involving multiple actions
behaviorthe way n organism acts toward its environment
learningthe processof developing a behavior through experience---- trial and error
placentala mammal whose young develop inside the female in a uterus
marsupiala mammal with a pouch on its abdomen for carrying and nursing its young
monotremesa mammal that lays eggs having a tough leathery shell

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