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Gene Technology - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Correlated to Biology: Visualizing Life. Holt Pub.

recombinant DNAa molecule formed when fragments of DNA from two or more different organisms are spliced together
genetic engineeringthe process of moving genes from the chromosomes of one organism to another organism
cloninggrowing identical cells from one cell
restriction enzymespecial proteins used to cut DNA at specific sites
plasmidsmall, circular DNA molecules found in the cytoplasm of bacteria
vectora delivery agent that delivers DNA to an organism, an example is a virus
nitrogen fixationthe process of bacteria converting nitrogen into a form that plants use
vaccinea harmless version of a disease-causing microbe injected into animals or people so that their immune systems will develop defenses against the disease
antibodiesdefensive proteins that help an organism stay healthy and fight off diseases
DNA fingerprintDNA that is cut, run on a gel, and marked to reveal individual patterns
human genomeproject that is locating, cataloging, and sequencing human chromosomes

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