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AA Pharm: Autonomic Pharm II

what is important to maintain neurotransmission after rls of Ach?rapid hydrolysis Ach by ACHase.
where(and how) is EPI formed?in the adrenal medulla by the conversion of NOR
drugs that mimic NOR are called ?adrenergic or sympathomimetic
drugs that oppose NOR are called ?adrenoceptor antagonists of blockers
the 2 types of cholinomimetic agentsdirect or indirect acting
mechanism of direct acting agentsbinding to muscarinic or nicotinic receptors
mechanism of indirect acting agentsinhibition of ACHase
organs targeted by muscarinic agonistseye, GI tract, bladder, vasc smooth muscle, bronchial smooth muscle, glands, heart
organs targeted by acetylcholinesterase inhibitorsskeletal muscles and eyes

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