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Reproductive Systems Terms

penisthe ctkubder-shaped male reproductive organ
spermmale sex cell
scrotumpouch of loose skin that houses the testes
vas deferensthe tube that connects the testes to the urethra
urethrathe passageway for urine and sperm
prostate glandmale reproductive organ that produces a fluid that nutralizes the acid in the female reproductive system
erectiona stiffening of the penis
ejaculationthe process by which sperm leave the body
foreskina flap of skin that covers the end of the penis
circumcisionthe removal of the foreskin by surgery
seminal vesiclegland that produces a fluid called seman, which contains nutrients for the sperm
uterusreproductive organ that protects and nourishes developing baby
vaginathe hallow tube that connects the uterus to the outside opening of the body
ovaegg cells, female reproductive cells
ovulationthe monthly relaese of an egg
fallopian tubethe narrow thube that carries the egg cell as it travels to the uterus
menstruationthe monthly process in which an unfertilized egg cell and the inner lining of the uterus are discharged form a woman's body
menopausethe time of life when a woman stops menstruating

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