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Global History Vocabulary 6

List of Global History terms needed to pass the Global History Regents. They are present in alphabetical list.

kibbutzIsraeli settlements in which people live in community housing projects, work together, and share the profits of their labor
knightin the Middle Ages, Western Europe, lesser noble who served as a warrior for the lard
kulakprosperous peasant in the Soviet Union who opposed collectivization during the 1930s
laissez-fairean economic system in which the government does not interfere with the economy
liberation theologydoctrine supported by many Catholic priests, calling for the church to take an active role in changing the conditions that contribute to poverty
life expectancythe probable length of life for an individual
literacythe ability to read and write
lordin the Middle Ages, powerful noble who maintained his own land but owed allegiance to the king
mandateafter World War I, an order to a League of Nations member to establish a responsible government in conquered territory
manorduring the Middle Ages, the lands, including a village and surround lands, administrated by a lord
manorialduring the Middle Ages, the system economic system in which land, the manor, was administered by the lord and was the basis of the economy
market economyan economy based on the buying and selling of goods and services
materialismthe belief that the accumulation of possessions is what is necessary for a good life
matriliniealdescribes a family in which the children trace their family line through their mother
mercantilismeconomic theory that stated that a nation's economic strength depends on the importation of gold and silver and the establishment of colonies to serve the needs of the mother country
mestizoperson in Spain's colonies in the America who was of mixed European and Indian parentage
Middle Agesperiod of history in Europe following the fall of the Roman Empire and lasting from about 500 to 1500
militarismglorification of the military and readiness for war
militarizeto train, prepare, or equip for war
minaretslender tower from which Muslims are called to prayer

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