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Government Vocabulary

constitutionset of basic principles that determine the powers of a gov't
Articles of Confederationfirst U.S. constitution approved in 1777
ratificationto pass/formal approval
land ordinance of 1785law passed by congress authorizing the division of western land
northwest ordinance of 1787established the laws for the Northwest territory
Northwest Territorycreated Wis., Ill, Indiana, Mich.,and Ohio
tarifftax on imports
constitutional conventionmeeting in Philadelphia that wrote the current constitution
Virginia Planplan favored by large states based on popluation
New Jersey Planplan favored by small states created a one house gov't
Great Compromiseagreement that took both state population and equal representation to create congress
Three fifths compromiseagreement where three out of every five slaves were counted in the states population
federalistpeople who supported the constitution
legislative BranchCongress-part of gov't that proposed and passes laws
executive BranchPresident- enforces the law
Judicial BranchSupreme Court- interpret the laws
Checks and Balancessystem established in the constiitution that prevents any branch of gov't from becoming to powerful
Antifederalistpeople who opposed the passing the constitiution
amendmentschanges made to the constitution
Bill of Rightsfirst 10 amendments added to the constitution in 1791
suffragethe right to vote
republictype of gov't in which people hold power or have a say
governmentan organized system that sets up rules and laws
federalismsystm of gov't in which power is distrubuted between a central authority and individual states
separation of powerssystem in which each branch of gov't has it's own power
senatethe upper house of the legislative branch
congressthe legislative branch of gov't made up of the House of Resentatives and the Senate
House of Representativesthe lower house of the legislative branch based on determined by the population
Supreme CourtMakes up the Judicial branch of gov't and intreprets the constitution

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