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Chap 12 Weathering Soil Erosion

abrasionrocks worn away when other rocks rub and grind against them
acid rainsulfur dioxide nitrogen compounds and carbon dioxide react with water lowering its pH
chemical weaheringrock's minerals hanged into different substances
contour farmingcrops planted in rows perpendicular to slope t reduce erosion
creepslow imperceptible movement of soil down a slope
decompositionrock's minerals hanged into different substances
disintegrationrock split into smaller pieces with out composition changing
earthflowmass of weathered material saurated with water flows downhill
erosionremoval and transport of materials by natural agents (wind, water)
exfoliationupward expansion of deeper rock pushes upper rock causing it to crack
frost wedgingwater in rock cracks wedges rock apart when frozen
hydrolysischemical weather by water reacting with oter substances in rock
landslidemovement of a mass of bedrock or loose soil down the slope of hill/slope/mountain
mass movementdownward transportation of weathered material by gravity
mechanical weatheringrock split into smaller pieces with out composition changing
mudflowrapid movement of water wih large amounts of suspended clay and silt
oxidationbrown red color caused when rock substances react with oxygen to form oxides
parent materialmaterial from which a soil is made
residual soilsoild derived from the bedrock beneath the soil
salinizationsoil gains too much mineral matter from evaporated water it can no longer grow plants
slumpblocks of land tilt and move down curving into the slope
soilloose weathered rock and organic material in which plants can grow
soil depletionsoil begins to lack nutrients needed to grow plants
soil fertilityabililty of soil to grow plants
soil horizonthe three different zones seen in a soil profile
soil profilecross section of earth exposed by digging to show soil layers
strip croppingalternate crops tha leaves bare ground with one that completely covers ground
subsoil(B horizon) red/brown layer rich in oxides washed dow from top layer
talusrock fragments weatherd from a cliff and pulled down by gravity
topsoil(A horizon) snad clay silt and organic matter in upper soil layer
transported soilsoild formed from parent material pushed/moved into a region
volcanic neckhard core of igneous rock exposed when outer soil is eroded from volcano
weatheringbreak up of rock due to processess at Earth's surface
windbreaksbelts of trees planted around fields to slow wind/reduce wind erosion

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