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Renewable & Non-Renewable Resources


natural resourceany energy source, organism, or substance found in nature that people use
renewable resourcestrees, biomass, hydroelectric; resources that are sustainable because they can be replaced in nature at the same rate that it can be used
nonrenewable resourcesnuclear energy, coal, oil, fossil fuels; resources that exist in a fixed amount or the supply will be used up faster than it can be replaced in nature
fossil fuelscoal, oil, natural gas; ancienct plants and animals buried deep in the Earth's crust for millions of years form this
inexhaustible resourceswind, solar, geothermal; resources that cannot run out
conservationprotecting, restoring, and managing natural resources so that they last as long as possible
source reductionreducing waste before you purchase an item or purchasing items that are not wasteful in their packaging

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