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Nortwest Ordinancethe sale of the northwest territory in 1785
latitudenorth-south measurement
longitudeeast-west measurement
amendmentan alteration or written change
ratifyapprove a proposal
ohio flagflag representing ohio
american flagflag representing the united states
star bangled bannerO' say can you see, starts this song
economicsstudy of wealth
scarcitya short amount of something
referenduma proposed law for citizen approval
racismmaking fun of someone becuase of there race
sexismdiscrimination on the basis of sex
congresslegislative body
legislationmaking laws
governorsupreme local official
senatorperson who the senior legislative body
lobbyistperson who works in legislation branch who seeks groups
prejudiceopinion with adequate basis
segregationkeeping apart from others
dictatorshipabsolute ruling
platformdeclaration of political principals
electoral collegevoters in each state who vote for vice president and president
taxesmoney taken out by the government on peoples paychecks
communismpolitical theory of demanding public ownership of economic relationships
socialismownership of products
washington d.c.The United States capitol
immigranta person entering a different country
prime meridianAn imagenary line in the middle of the Earth

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