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CHILD SUPPORTMoney that a person is legally obligated to pay toward the expense of raising a child pursuant to the order of a court.
SUPPORT COLLECTION DESIGNEEWI SCTF - Wisconsin Support Collection Trust Fund
DEFAULTThe failure of a party to plead within the time allowed or to appear at a hearing.
SPLIT CUSTODYThe parent has custody of at least one, but not all, of the children.
FAMILY SUPPORTAn amount that a person is legally obligated to pay pursuant to an order, which contains child support and maintenance payments.
SHARED TIMEParents of the child(ren) share overnight caretaking responsiblities for a minimum of 30% of the year.
GROSS INCOMEAll income that is derived from any source, whether money, property or services, and whether reported as total income on the payer's tax return.
SERIAL FAMILYThe paying parent has a support obligation to more than one family.
JUDGMENTThe official decision or finding of the court upon the rights and claims of the parties to an action.
RESPONDENTThe party in an action who must respond or answer to the request for establishment.
JURISDICTIONThe authority by which courts and judicial officers take cognizance of and decide cases.
PETITIONERThe party in an action who is requesting the establishment of support, paternity, etc.
LONG ARM JURISDICTIONThe court or tribunal can extend its jurisdiction over a respondent who lives outside of WI.
PERCENTAGE OF INCOME STANDARDThe statutory guideline which is used to determine the appropriate amount of a non-custodial paren't income that should be used to support that parent's minor chid(ren).
MEDICAL SUPPORTCourt ordered obligation to provide health insurance coverage and/or payment of medical expenses.
WORKLISTKIDS generated reminders that tells the worker that certain action needs to be taken on a case.
ESTLEstablish Support Timeline
ESCEEstablish support, court case exists.
ESNCEstablish support; no court case exists.
C370Establish Support Aging and Timeline Report.
FCRFederal Case Registry - Federal data base that collects and stores IV-D case information from every state.
767.08Statute number that represents an action that is used when a married couple separates & there is no pending support action.
767.62Statute number that represents an action whenever a paternity acknowledgment has been filed with the CHS.
CHSCenter for Health Statistics
767.025Statute number that is used whenever you want to file an action for support under an existing court case.
HECS, HEST & HEHIHearing codes used in the schedule maintenance screens, when establishing child support and medical support.
DUE DILIGENCEThe process server was unsuccessful in serving the party, but had reasonable information which leads the process server to believe that party may be avoiding service.
17%Percentage for one child.
25%Percentage for two children.
29%Percentage for three children.
31%Percentage for four children.
34%Percentage for five or more children.
STIPULATIONA written agreement between the parties that spells out the terms of the order.
90 daysThe number of days the ESTL worklist comes due, after initiation.
C370A report that will help work the ESTL worklists.
ESTLNEVER delete the ________ Worklist.
FCR1FCR Worklist
MAOPMedical establishment/enforcement only case.
F1Help Key
03, 02Schedule Maintenance Path
01, 03 or 01, 02, F16Path to update court caption/court case number.
Personal ServiceService of process procedure where by sheriff or private process server
Voluntary ServiceService of Process procedure where papers are picked up at the agency willingly.
Substitute ServiceSOP papers are served upon a competent member of the family.
Review & AdjustmentProcess of investigating the case to determine if the order needs to be changed.

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