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Who Is to Blame?

Vocabulary Games

concido, concidere, 3rd reg. verbto fall down
incolumis-adj.unhurt, safe and sound
gaudeo, gaudere, 2nd, verbto be glad
cesso, cessare, 1st, verbto be idle, to do nothing
extraho, extrahere, 3rd reg., verbto drag out
frustra-adverbin vain
haereo, haerere, 2nd, verbto stick
moveo, movere, 2nd, verbto move
culpa, pulpae, fem., nounfault, blame
cisium, neuter, nounlight two-wheeled carriage
interpello, interpellare, 1st, verbto interrupt
placide, adverbcalmly, gently, peacefully
quod-relative pronounwhich
celerrime-superlative adverbvery fast
devertebat-verbhe began to turn aside
periculum-neuter noundanger
ars, artis, fem., nounskill
ago, agere, 3rd reg., verbto drive
commotus-adjective(past participle)moved

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