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Science Vocabulary Fun

CompoundA substance formed when atoms of 2 or more different elements join together
molecule2 or more atoms held together in a special way
atomthe smallest whole bit of an element
elementmatter that has only one kind of atom
massthe amount of material that an object has in it
volumethe amount of space that matter takes up
mixture2 or more substances that are placed together but can be easily separated
solutiona mixture in which one substance spreads evenly throughout another substance
metera unit for measuring length
centimeter1/100 of a meter
millimeter1/1000 of a meter
kilometer1,000 meters
cubicunit for measuring volume
litera unit for measuring volume
milliliter1/1,000 of a liter
graduated cylindera piece of equipment used for measuring the volume of liquids
gram1/1000 of a kilogram
densityhow much mass is in a certain volume of matter

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