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Honors English II Vocab...

Semester I Vocab

cupolasdoomed roofs or ceilings
oliberateddestroyed; done away with completly
augustinspring awe or admiration; majestic
coquesttishflirtious, dimitive (small)
dispensationexcemption or release of obligation
perpetuitytime without end; eternity
depulationa person or group appointed to represent another; delegation
pallidhaving an abnormally pale or wan complexion
temerityfoolhardy or heedless disregard of danger; foolish boldness
diffidentlacking self confidence; timid
depreactiona disparaging; a belittle
idolan object of worship; an approation
tableaua prcturesque group of peple; an interlude during a secne when all the actors freeze in one postion and then resume action as before
vidicatedjustified to beliving something because the proof is there
condolencean expression of sympathy with a person in parin or grief
noblesse obliquebenveloent and honarble behavior considered to be the responsiblity of those of high birth or rank
imperviounessthe quailty of being incapable of being affected
cabala conspirational group of plottes or intriguers; a consiperacy
circumventto sorroud and entrap by craft
virulentextremly posinous or pathogenic;hostile or antagonistic
perversedirected away from what is right or good
sibilanta speech sound that suggests hissing, a (s)m ir (sh)
macabresuggesting horror of death and decay; gruesome; ghastly
cuckholdedto make a man's wife an adulter. said of a husband
a priorifrom an assume to a nessiraly realted effect; deductive (based on theroy not on experiment)
humanekind or compassionate; emphazing humanastic values and concearns
frivolousunworthy of serious attention; trivial inapporpiate silly
triflesomething of little importance or value; a small amount
capricean impulsive change of mind; an inclination; to change ones mind impuslivly
zealouslyfilled with or motivated by zeal; fervent enthusatic
treatisea systematic usually extensive written discourse of a subject
thealogythe study of god and religous truth
procurdto get by special effort obtainor acquire to bring about
imploreto appeal to beseech
indiscrimanatenot making based on careful distinctions; widespread; random
gropeto reach with unceratinly feel ones search blindly or unceartianly
etheralhighly refined; delicate; heavenly
comelypleaseing in appearance; attractive
posterityfuture generations; all of a persons decendents
renounceto give up by formal annoucement to reject; to disown
luminousgiving off light; clear
calibrateto mark the measure of capacity of something
cowerto shrink away or fall down in fear
aberrationa deviating from the right path or usal courses of action; expecially of minor or temporay nature
abstinencethe giving up of certain pleasures
abstracttheoractical; not applied or partical; not concrete; hard to understand
acclaimloud applause; approval
acquieseto accept conclusions or arrangements of others; to accede; to give consent by keeping quiet
admonishto advice againset something; to warn; to scold gently; to urge strongly
advocateto support; to be in favor of
aestheticshowing an appreation of beatuy and nature or art; artisitc
affinitynautrail attarction to a person or liking for a thing; relation; connection
aggrandizmentan increase in rank; growth in power
facadeface of building; front of anything esp. artifical/fake
suppliantshumble beggers
despairhopelessness, desperation, depondency
hearthfireside; home; family
lamentationan experssion of grief or sorrow
shrinescontainers for scared relics
surgea swelling or rising; rise; increase
consumeseats; wastes; squanders; destroys
pyrea pile of cumbutile materials for buring a corpse; fire
detestableabhorrent;odious; hateful
battensthrives and prospers exp. at anothers expense
augurya sighn or omen; dination; an indication
citadelsfortresses; strong holds
afflictionspain; suffering; distress; the cause of plain suffering etc.
oraclea shring consecurted for worship
vagueunclear; indefinite;
defilementimpurity; corruption
enquirya questioning; an investiagaion; a close examination
avengerperson who gets revenge
compunctionan uneasiness cause by a sense of guilt; remorse
profounddeep; heavy with meaning; beyond the obvious
decendto move from a higher to a lowe place; to lower
ladenweighed down;burdend
beseigerone who has agressive intent one who harsses
edicta decree of proclamation
lustrationa pruification ceremony
wretchednessstate being miserbale; misery; unpleastness
culpritsinner; guilty person; one who committed a crime
seera prophet; a fortune teller; one who sees the future
pestilencea plauge a fatal epidemic
divinationperdiction; fortelling the future ; inspired by a guess
contagiona disease tha can be spread by contact; harmful influence
temperatemoderate; showing self restraint
prudentwise; using good judgement
opportunesuited or right foa particular purpose
insolencestate of beign arrogant; presumtions; insulting
decrepitweakend by old age; ilnessl or hard use; weak
clairvoyantable to precieave things that are out of naturl range of human senses;
descantan oranment melody or counter point sung above a musical theme; a person in the process of moral or mental decay
regicidethe killing of a king
desolatewithou freinds; unfit; lonely
carriondead and decaying flesh
indiscretionan injurious or unwise action
brazenbold; impudent; brash self assurance
sceptera soverrgn officaer or power, an emblem of authority
anarchychaos; absense of poltical authority' political disorder

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