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Study Words for Sixth Grade III 2013-2014

dawdle(verb) spend more time than is necessary or usual in doing something : loiter.
adroitly(adverb) in a manner that is dexterous in the use of the hands.
divvy(verb) divide : share : distribute.
betrothal(noun) the act of promising in marriage.
lambasted(verb) administered a verbal or written thrashing to.
insinuate(verb) impart or communicate with artful indirect wording or oblique reference : hint, imply.
travesty(noun) literary or artistic imitation usually grotesquely incongruous in style, treatment, or subject matter : parody.
bric-a-brac(noun) miscellaneous objects regarded as decorative or of a sentimental value and usually collected in one place : curios.
propulsion(noun) the action or process of driving forward or ahead.
leonine(adjective) resembling or suggesting that of a lion.
hackamore(noun) a bridle that consists of a halter often of soft rope or braided horsehair and is used especially in breaking and training horses.
emblazoned(verb) set off conspicuously (as by rich or brilliant decorations).
stridency(noun) the quality or state of loudly or obtrusively commanding notice or recognition.
bulbous(adjective) resembling or suggesting a bulb especially in roundness or in the enlargement of a part.
photogenic(adjective) eminently suitable for being photographed especially from the aesthetic point of view.
torsion(noun) the act of turning or twisting : the state of being twisted.
winnow(verb) to analyze and assort to obtain the most desirable : select, separate, sift.
bountiful(adjective) abundant : plentiful.
affluent(adjective) having an abundance of goods or riches : wealthy.
rosin(noun) a translucent pale yellow or amber to dark red or darker brittle resin that is obtained from dead wood of pine trees, and that is used chiefly in making varnishes, lacquers, printing inks, binding materials, polishes, and on bows for violins and other str

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