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Body Systems

Information from learning about our body systems.

cytoplasmjelly like substance in a cell
nucleuscontains the chromosomes
cell membranegives the cell shape
vacuoles, cell wall, chloroplastsplant cells have these
osmosiscell transportation of water
lungsmajor organ of respiratory system
bronchitrachea splits
alveoliair sac
diaphragmmuscle to help with breathing
brainmajor organ of the nervous system
spinal cordbundle of nerves that connect to the brain
cerebrumright and left hemisphere
cerebellumsenses are regulated
involuntarythe heart beating
voluntaryraising your hand
salivahelps you swallow
esophagustube connected to your stomach
stomachwhere food is churned
small intestinewhere nutrients are absorbed
villihelp take nutrients to your blood
heartmajor organ of the circulatory system
large intestineend of digestive system
bileproduced by the liver
arterycarries oxygen rich blood
veincarries oxygen poor blood

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