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Bill of Rights

Match the "right" or "freedom" with the correct amendment.

Freedom of SpeechFirst
Right to Privacy - The Government cannot enter your home without special permission (warrant) from the Court.Fourth
Right to Remain Silent-No one can be forced to testify against themselves.Fifth
Right to Bear ArmsSecond
Right to an Attorney - If you are arrested, the government will provide a lawyer to defend you if you can’t afford one.Sixth
No "double jeopardy" - You cannot be tried more than once for the same crime.Fifth
No “cruel or unusual” punishment for a crime.Eighth
Freedom of ReligionFirst
Powers Reserved to the People - Citizens keep all rights even if they are not specifically listed in the Constitution.Ninth
States Rights - Any rights that are not clearly given to the federal government by the Constitution belong to the states and the people.Tenth
Freedom of the Press - You can read and write whatever you want.First
Freedom to assemble and protest peacefully.First
Right to due process - Everyone who is arrested must be treated in the same way.Fifth
No one can be imprisoned without being given a reason.Sixth
If arrested, you have a right to a speedy trial.Sixth
If arrested you have a right to be tried by a jury of your peers.Sixth
Bail or fines must be fair and appropriate to fit the crime.Eighth

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