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American Revolution Key Terms

John LockeEnlightenment philosopher whose ideas, more than any other’s, influenced the American belief in self-government
Sons of LibertyThis group was formed to protect the rights of the colonists and take to the streets if needed.
Parliamentthe law-making body of England, consisting of representatives from throughout the kingdom.
Boycottto refuse to buy one or more goods from a certain source.
MinutemenNickname given to the Massachussetts militia
Debtan obligation (such as money) owed by one party to a second party
The inalienable rightsLife, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Common SensePamphlet written by Thomas Paine arguing for independence
Patriota colonist in favor of independence
Loyalista colonist who supported Britain.
King George IIIRuler of England during the American Revolution.
Independencefreedom from control by another government or country.
Lexington & ConcordThe first shots of the American Revolution
YorktownThe last major battle of the American Revolution.

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