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Chapter 1 Living Things Vocabulary

SMES 4th Grade - Science -Harcourt - Chapter 1 Vocabulary Practice Activity (A. Glasser October 2010)

arthropodAn invertebrate with legs that have several joints
cellThe basic building block of life
cell membraneThe thin layer that encloses and gives shape to a cell
cell wallA structure that keeps a cell rigid and provides support to an entire plant
chloroplastA part of a plant cell that contains chlorophyll, the green pigment plants need to make their food
complexComplicated in structure; many different types of cells and interconnected parts
cytoplasmA jellylike substance that fills most of the space in a cell
eggA reproductive cell produced by a female
embryoa tiny young plant within a seed
flowerReproductive structures in flowering plants
fruitThe part of a flowering plant that surrounds and protects the seeds
fungiKingdom such as mushrooms that look like plants, but can not make their own food
hyphaeSmall threads that are part of a fungus. These thin strands stretch out to gather food and nutrients to allow the fungus to grow.
invertebrateAnimal that does not have a vertebra or skeleton
living thingA thing that is able of grow and reproduce
microorganismOrganisms that are so small they can only be seen with a microscope; many have only one cell
moldA common type of fungi that often looks cottony or woolly
nucleusA cell's control center
pollenThe yellow dust in a flower that is need to create a seedpowderlike male spores that develop into two male sex cells
simple animalA simple animal is an animal that lacks special sense organs, and cannot move around
sporeA tiny cell that fungi use to reproduce
vertebrateAn animal with a backbone

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