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Story Vocabulary, Plot, and Conflict Review

plotthe sequence or chain of events that makes up a story
antagonistthe character or force in conflict with the protagonist
protagonistthe main character
complicationsproblems that arise as characters struggle to reach their goals
settingthe time and place of a story
expositionthe first part (beginning) of the plot; characters, setting, and basic situation are introduced
rising actiontakes the most time in a story; moves the plot along; leads up to the climax
climaxthe most exciting or intense part of the story for the protagonist; the turning point
falling actionthe events that follow the climax and lead to the resolution
resolutionend of the story; where the conflict is resolved
conflicta struggle between opposing forces or characters in a story
internal conflictconflict that takes place inside a character's heart or mind; sometimes involves a decision
external conflictconflict that takes place between a character and something outside of the character


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