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People infected w/ HIV will suffer and eventualy die fromopportunisitic infections
HIV attacks theImmune System
HIV can be passed throughblood, semen, and vaginal fluid
HIV can NOT be passed throughsneezes, saliva, urine, tears, or sweat
HIV and progress to stage 2 is whenThe T-Cell count in less than 200 and oppurtunisitic infections begin to set in
Full Blown AIDS is whenthe T-Cell count is 200 and below
Rare infections caused by HIV areKarposi sarcoma, Dementia, and Pneumocystic carinii
Rare infections are AKAopportunistic infections
No risk behaviors includeplaying sports, touching a doorknob, shaking hands, donation blood, NO SEX, and hugs
Pregnant mothers can pass the virus to theunborn baby
A durg to reduce the chances of passing the virus to the fetus isAZT
The safest way to prevent transmission of HIV and AIDS isabstinence
One sign of HIV isnightsweats
Blood test are not 100% safe becauseof the window period
When screning clinicians look forantiobodies carrying the AIDS virus
Mediationa process for resolving conflicts that involves a neutral third party
Assailanta person who physically attacks another person
Paralysisthe loss of feeling and movement in part of the body
Homicidethe intentional killing of one person by another
Victimthe person who is attacked and harmed physically
Violencethe use of physical force with the intent to injure or kill
Territorial Ganga highly organized group of young people whose focus is on protecting the boundaires of their turf
Instigatorspeople who encourage fighting while staying out of the fight themselves
Discriminationan unfair mistreatment of a person or group based on prejudices
Intolerancea lack of acceptance of another's opionions, beliefs, or actions
Safteyin deciding how to deal with a conflict, what should be your first concern
Psychoactive drugsaffect the activity of brain cells, induce stimulants, hallucinogens, depressants, inhalents, alchol, and marijuana
Marijuana causesloss of coordination, short-term memory loss, no sence of time or space
Marijuana has what effects on the reproductive systemsterility, impotrence, disrupts the menstral cycle
A single joint containscancer-causing agents(THC) and is equal to 14-15 cigarettes
Marijuana is aabused drug
Marijuana passesactive ingredients into the smokers lungs
LSD may causefrightening bad trips and unpredictable flashbacks
Abuseres of psychoactive drugs usuallyOD
Cocaine is apowerful, short acting, highly addictive, stimulant that affects the nervous system
Crack isa form of cocaine, a concentrated, crystal, rock shaped drug, which is used for free basing
Examples of narcotic drugs aremorphine, heroin, and codeine
Barbituratesrelax or induce sleep
Hallucinogen drugs haveno medical use and can cause firghtening and unpredictable mood swings
the substance found in tobbaco which causes addictionnicotine
the smoke which is inhaled into the smokers lungs and exhaled into the air is calledmainstream
DWI laws-1st offenceloos of licence, insurance surcharge, court costs, and fine
Legal drinking age in NJ21
One thing that can sober a persontime
Takes the body 1 hr to eliminate every3/4 of alcohol
Anabolic steriod areman-made drugs which act like testosterone
a user of anobloic steriods risksliver, cardiovascular, and reporductive problems


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