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Cosm - Ch 14 - Haircutting- Basic Principles (22 terms)

reference pointsmark where the surface of the head changes (ears, jaw line, apex, occipital bone
parietal ridgewidest area of the head(from temples to bottom of crown)
occipital boneprotrudes at base of skull; found by feeling back of skull
apexhighest point on top of head
crownarea between apex Y back of parietal ridge
napearea at back part of neck
fringe areaa.k.a bang area; triangular section that begins at apex & ends at front corners
linethin continuous mark used as a guide
anglespace between 2 lines or surfaces that intersect
horizontal linesparallel to horizon or floor
vertical linesup and down; perpendicular to floor
diagonal linesbetween horizontal & vertical (1 to 89 degrees)
bevelingone of 2 techniques using diagonal lines; cutting hair ends with slight increase or decrease in length
section hairto divide the hair by parting into uniform working areas for control
subsectionssmall sections within a larger section of hair; used to maintain control while cutting
elevationangle or degree at which a subsection of hair is lifted from the head
graduationelevation that occurs when a section is lifted above 0 degrees
cutting lineangle at which fingers are held when cutting
guidelinesection of hair that determines the lengthe the hair will be cut
stationary guidelinedoes not move
traveling guidelinemoves as the haircut progresses
growth patterndirection in which the hair grows from the scalp

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