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Caesar Book 5, Chapter 34 Vocabulary

to be lackingdesum, deesse, defui
a planconsilium, -i (n)
leaderdux, ducis (m)
line of battleacies, aciei (f)
loot, plunderpraeda, -ae (f)
equalpar, paris
to desertdesero, deserere, deserui, desertus
as often asquotiens
to fall, diecado, cadere, cecidi, casus
far off, in the distance, from a distanceprocul
and notneu (neve)
to come toward, approachaccedo, accedere, accessi, accessurus
to go, move, give way, yieldcedo, cedere, cessi, cessurus
lightnesslevitas, levitatis (f)
to follow after, pursue, press uponinsequor, insequi, insecutus sum
to retreatse recipere
to harm, do harmnoceo, nocere, nocui, nociturus
back, againrursus
safety, well beingsalus, salutis (f)
even though, althoughtametsi

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