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AA Pharm: Adrenergic Drugs I

alpha receptor potency seriesEPI > NOR > isoproterenol; and antagonized by phentolamine and phentoxybenzamine
beta receptor potency seriesisoproterenol > EPI > NOR ;and susceptible to blockade by propranolol
beta 1 receptors affects ? area(s)heart
beta 2 receptors affects ? area(s)respiratory, relax pregnant uterus
dopamine receptors affect ? area(s)brain, mesentary, renal system
alpha receptors affect ? area(s)vasc smooth muscle
adrenergic med(s) selective for alpha 1phenylephrine, methoxamine
adrenergic med(s) selective foralpha 2clonidine, methylnorepinephrine
adrenergic med(s) selective for both alpha 1 = 2 ; beta 1 > 2NOR
adrenergic med(s) selective for alpha 1 = 2; beta 1 = 2EPI
adrenergic med(s) selective for beta 1dobutamine
adrenergic med(s) selective for beta 1 = 2isoproterenol
adrenergic med(s) selective for beta 2terbutaline, metaproterenol, albuterol, ritodrine
adrenergic med(s) selective for D1=D2dopamine
mechanism of adrenergic drugsg-protien coupled
effect of adrenergic drugs depends on ?selectivity of drug to receptor, response of cells
receptor regulation of adrenergic drugsalter # and fxn of receptors by: catechols, hormones, other rx, ds states
desensitization of adrenoceptors that occurs rapidly and transiently; receptors are temp unavailreceptor sequestration
desensitization of adrenoceptors that causes the actual disappearance of receptors from the surfacedown-regulation
desensitization of adrenoceptors that impairs g-protien couplingphosphorylation of receptor

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