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Vocabulary Unit 10

Language Arts for 8th grade

adjacentbordering; neighboring
conveytotake from one place to another, transport; serve as a channel or a medium; to make known, communicate; transfer to another person
curiousinquisitive; peculiar
delicatelydaintily; in a way that gives pleasure or delight; softly, lightly; sensitively
gesturea movement made with some part of the body to emphasize or express an idea or feeling; anything said or done to communicate one's wishes or feelings; to express through movements
hesitateto pause or delay in acting; falter
intentlywith strong concentration
materializeto develop into something real; appear
methodicallyin an orderly fashion; systematically
peerone that has the same value, rank, etc.; a noble; to look closely
properlyadv. appropriately; correctly; respectably
recedev. to go or move back; lessen
responsiveadj. answering; reacting quickly and easily
strayv. to wander from a given place; adj. having wandered; lost; n. a person or thing that is lost
transferv. to carry or move from one place to another; n. a thing or person that is transferred;
utterlyadv. extremely
wistfullyadv. thoughtfully yearning


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