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Renaissance Vocabulary

6th Grade Renaissance vocabulary from Our World Today, 9-B

indulgencespardons for sins sold by catholic church
reformimprove by changing
Columbian exchangedistribution of people, trade, diseases, and ideas around the world
revolutiongreat and often violent change
Renaissanceage of 'rebirth' of art, math, sciences after Middle Ages
Leonardo DaVinciartist famous for Mona Lisa & Last Supper
Michelangelo Bounarottiartist famous for Sistine Chapel ceiling paintings& statue of David
Geoffrey ChaucerEnglish writer of Canterbury Tales
William Shakespearewriter of plays - Romeo & Juliet, Julius Caesar, and many more
Martin Lutherfirst monk to criticize the Catholic Church, started Protestant church movement
John Calvinleader of Puritans seeking religious & political freedom
divine right of kingsroyalty ruled by the will of God
constitutionbasis of a country's law
Declaration of IndependencAmerican colonies reject British rule
French RevolutionFrench people rejected monarchy rule
Napoleon Bonaparteemperor of new French Empire after French Revolution
Bartholomeu Dias1488, he reached tip of Africa
Vasco Da Gama1498, he sailed around Africa to India
Christopher Columbus1492, he claimed Central America for Spain
Eric the Red982 landed in North America


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