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World History Test 9

This test covers chapters 17-23. Good Luck!

November 25, 1917Beginning of the Bolshevik Revolution
George Washington CarverBest remembered agricultural scientist in America
Denis Dideroteditor of the Encyclopedia
G.W.F. Hegelintroduced the idea of dialectical reasoning
Carlos Finlaytheorized that a mospuito carries yellow fever
Woodrow WilsonPresident of the US during WWI
GermanyA country NOT represented by the Big Four at the Versailles Peace Conference
T.E. LawrenceLed Arab revolts against Turkish rule in the Arabian Peninsula
Sepoy RebellionUprising of native Indian soldiers against the British East India Company
Ferdinand Zeppelindesigned the dirigible
Ivan the Terriblefirst Russian czar
William Gladstone"The Grand Old Man"
France, England, RussiaTriple Entente
Not part of Stalin's five-year planform of state capitalism to strengthen the economy
Charles IICame to the English throne by the Glorious Revolution
ChekaName of the secret police formed by Lenin
Robert PeelFounder of London Police Force
seed drillJethro Tull invented it
Paul von HIndenburgsupreme commander of all Central Powers forces
British North America ActMade Canada a self-governing commonwealth
VictoriaBritain's longest reigning monarch
George Bernard ShawFounded the Fabian Society
Ernest Rutherford"Father of Nuclear Science"
Eddie RickenbackerAmerican "ace" pilot
Marie LouiseNapoleon's second wife
Immanuel Kanttaught the philosophy of idealsim
Count von ZinzendorfEstablished the Moravian settlement of Herrnhut
War of Spanish SuccessionEnded with the Treaty of Utrecht
Charles ISucceeded James I as ruler of England
Albert EinsteinDeveloped the theories of relativity
Jean Jacques Rousseau"Father of the French Romanticism"
QuebecThe first permanent French settlement in North America
Wilbur WrightMade the first successful airplane flight
Walter Reed and William GorgasTwo American army doctors who worked to eliminate yellow fever
Gallipoli CampaignLargest British offensive in the East during WWI
1791Year the French Revolution began
South Africaarea colonized by Dutch farmers known as Boers
Amy Carmichaelmissionary to India
July 4, 1776Declaration of Independence adopted
John LockeEnglish philosopher who promoted empiricism
Henry FordInvented the assembly line process
Alexander Solzhenitsynwrote The Gulag Archipelago
Battle of WaterlooNapoleon's final defeat
George Whitefieldmost famous evangelist of the Greak Awakening
Maximilien RobespierreResponsible for the Reign of Terror
Sir Humphry Davyinvented the miner's safety lamp
Max Plankdeveloped the quantum theory of matter and energy
Nikolai LeninFormed the Soviet Union in 1922
Archduke FerdinandHis death began WWI
Battle of Jutlandforced German fleet to return to its home ports and stay
Robert Fultoninvented the first practical steamship
Ferdinand FochFrench Field Marshal
Veteran's DayArmistice Day
Duke of WellingtonDefeated Napoleon at Waterloo
Friedrich EnglesKarl Marx's close friend and author of Communist Manifesto
Louis XVIExecuted during the French Revolution
Samuel de Champlain"Father of New France"
Catherine the Greatthe "enlightened despot" of Russia
Lord NelsonWorld's greatest naval hero
Jonathan Edwardspreaches "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
John J. PershingCommander of the American Expeditionary Force
Florence NightingaleCreated the modern nursing profession
Louis Pasteurdeveloped the germ theory of disease
Samuel CromptonInvented the spinning mule
Spanish-American WarGave the US control of Cuba and the Philippines
David LivingstoneMissionary to Africa
BourgeoisieThe middle class
Jean Baptiste ColbertFrench minister of finance
KDKAFirst commercial boradcasting station to go on the air
Louis XVsaid "After me the deluge"

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