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Vergil 1.418-440

sēmita, -ae (f)path, track, trail.
aspectō (1)to gaze upon, look at, observe, watch
mōlēs, mōlis (f)mass, huge bulk; (massive buildings)
māgālia, māgālium (n)huts, tents (a Punic words)
quondamformerly, in ancient times
strātum, -ī (n)coverlet, blanket
strāta viārumpaved roads
īnstō, īnstāre, īnstitīto set foot on; to press on; to apply oneself (to)
subvolvō, subvolvereto roll uphill
tēctum, -ī (n)roof, ceiling; roofed building
conclūdō, conclūdere, conclūsī, conclūsusto enclose, surround
sulcus, -ī (m)furrow, trench
legō, legere, lēgī, lēctusto gather; select; read
effodiō, effodere, effōdī, effossusto dig up, dig out; hollow out
fundāmentum, -ī (n)foundation
excīdō, excīdere, excīdī, excīsusto cut out; hollow out
decus, decoris (n)honor
quālis (…tālis)of which sort; (just) as (someone) when she/he
apis, apis (f)bee
flōreus, -a, -umadorned with flowers, flowery
adultus, -a, -umfull-grown, mature
fētus, -ūs (m)birth; offspring; fruit
līquēns, līquentisliquid, flowing
mel, mellis (n)honey
stīpō (1)to compress, pack tight; to crowd around
distendō, distendere, distendī, distentusto stretch out, to fill up
fūcus, -ī (m)drone
praesēpe, praesēpis (n)stall (for cattle or horses)
ferveō, fervēre, ferbuīto be intensely hot, to boil; to be busy
redoleō, redolēreto give off a smell; (+abl) be fragrant (with)
fastīgium, -ī (n)sharp point, tip; rooftop; high point
suspiciō, suspicere, suspexī, suspectusto look up at; to regard with mistrust
saepiō, saepīre, saepsī, saeptusto surround, enclose; to envelop, cover
mōlior, mōlīrī, mōlītus sumto bring about, construct, undertake, engineer

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