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This is the separation of people, usually based on race or religion.segregation
What is the unfair difference in the treatment of people called?dicrimination
During Reconstruction who began to have power in Virginia's government and could vote?African American men
After Reconstruction the gains made by African Americans were lost because of what laws passed by southern states?Jim Crow Laws
Jim Crow Laws established segregation or ___ of the races and reinforced prejudices held by whites.separation
Name four ways the Jim Crow Laws effected African American life.Poll tax and voting tests kept them from votng, difficult to vote or hold public office, used separate water fountains, separate schools from whites
After the Civil War and Reconstruction Va.'s ___ grew with people, businesses, and factories.cities
What was the key to the expansion of buisness, agriculture, and industry? They facilitated the growth of small towns to cities.railroads
Railroad centers stimulated the growth or ___ where clothing, furniture and other useful items were made.factories
Which city became a railroad center?Roanoke
Richmond,Norfolk, and Newport News were bustling with activity with activity as the railroad brought new ___ and people to the
Tell two more cities that also grew rapidly after Reconstruction.Petersburg,Alexandria, Lynchburg
What was found in Tazewell County and then in surrounding counties after the Civil War? This became a source of livelihood for residents of southwest Virginia.coal deposits
As Virginia began to grow the need for better what increased?roads
After the Civil War what began to grow and contribute to Virginia's economy?industry,technology,transportation,cities
What farm product became an important Virginia industry?tobacco
During the twentieth century,Virginia changed from a ___, agricultural society to a more ___, industrial society.rural, urban
After Reconstruction, Virginia cities began to what?grow
Give two reasons for the decline of agricultural society.old system of farming were no longer effective, crop prices were low


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