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Life Science Bacteria

This is a drill of the vocabulary associated with bacteria.

flagellumwhip like tail that helps bacteria move in a liquid environment
fissionasexual reproduction of bacteria
aerobeorganism that uses oxygen for respiration
anaerobeorganisms that live without oxygen
cyanobacteriahas chlorophyll and a blue pigment or a red, yellow, or black pigment... make their food
EubacteriaMembers are prokaryotic single cell organisms that live almost everywhere.
ArchaebacteriaMembers live in extreme conditions.
methanogensArchaebacteria that use carbon dioxide for energy and produce methane gas.
halophilesArchaebacteria that live in salty environments.
thermophilesArchaebacteria that live in extremely hot areas.
saprophyteorganisms that use dead material as a food and energy source
nitrogen-fixing bacteriachange nitrogen in the air to a form that plants and animals can use
pathogenorganism that produces disease
antibioticsubstance produced by one organism that inhibits or kills another organism
vaccinemade form damaged particles for bacteria or killed bacteria
toxinspoisons produced by bacterial pathogens
endosporesbacteria that have thick walls to make them resistant ot heat or drying
antibiotic resistancewhen bacteria mutate into strains that are not killed by a specific drug treatment
TB ( tuberculosis )disease caused by a bacteria that attacks the lungs
tetanus ( lockjaw )disease caused by bacteria in a wound and causes muscle spasms

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