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Heredity Vocabulary Game

Game of words associated with the study of heredity.

hereditythe passing of traits from parent to offspring
allelethe different forms a gene may have for a trait
geneticsthe study of how traits are inherited
dominantform of a trait that appears to mask another form of the same trait
recessiveform of a trait that seems to disappear in a population, but can reappear
Punnett squaretool used to predict results in Mendelian genetics
genotypegenetic makeup of an organism
homozygousorganism with two identical alleles for a trait
hetrozygousorganism with two different alleles for a trait
phenotypephysical trait that shows as a result of a particular genotype
incomplete dominanceproduction of a phenotype that is intermediate to those of the two homozygous parents
Gregor Mendelfather of genetics
polygenic inheritancewhen a group of gene pairs act together to produce a single trait
sex-linked genean allele inherited on a sex chromosome
pedigreetool for tracing the occurrence of a trait in a family
genetic engineeringmethods for changing the DNA sequence that makes up a gene
probabilitybranch of mathematics that helps you predict the chance that something will happen
purebredorganism that always produces the same traits in its offspring

Carolyn Case

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