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Plate Tectonics

Vocabulary associated with Plate Tectonics

Pangaeasuper continent that existed 200 million years ago
Atlanticocean created when the super continent broke apart
Alfred Wegenerscientist who thought that the continents were once one super continent
Mesosaurusreptile fossil found in South America and in Africa
sea-floor spreadingtheory that new ocean crust is formed at the mid ocean ridges by molten lava
magnetic cluesbands of basalt that show many magnetic reversal
lithospherecrust and upper mantle
mantlethe largest layer inside Earth
crustouter most layer of Earth
inner coresolid core composed of dense iron and nickel
outer coreliquid core composed of iron and nickel
asthenosphereplastic layer below the lithosphere
plateslarge sections of Earth's crust and upper mantle, lithosphere
plate tectonicstheory that Earth's crust and upper mantle are broken into sections
continental drifttheory that the continents move
divergent boundaryboundary between two plates that are moving apart
convergent boundaryboundary where two plates are moving toward each other
transform fault boundaryboundary where two plates are moving past each other
convection currentcycle of heating, rising, cooling and sinking
subduction zonearea where a denser converging plate desends or sinks under a less dense converging plate
San Andreas Faultexample of a transform fault boundary
mid-ocean ridgeexample of a divergent boundary in ocean crust
Great Rift Valley in Africaexample of divergent boundary in continental crust
Marianas trenchdeepest spot in any ocean, an example of converging oceanic plates
Himalaya Mountainsexample of boundary where continental crust collided

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