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The Age of Jefferson

Terms and events associated with the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson.

democraticensuring that all people have the same rights
laissez faire"let alone" gov't should play a small role in economic affairs
judicial reviewpower of Supreme Court to decide if laws are constitutional
Jefferson's ideas on governmentlimit gov't power and make gov't more democratic
means by which Jefferson reduced the power of the gov'tdecreased size of gov't departments; cut the budget and military
Marbury v. MadisonSupreme Court case which established judicial review
Pinckney Treatyagreement btwn Spain and Am. allowed Am. goods to be shipped down Miss. River
Louisiana Purchasebuying of LA from France for $15 million
Lewis and Clarkexplorers of the LA territory appointed by Jefferson
Sacajaweaguide/translator for Lewis and Clark
Zebulon Pikeexplored upper Miss. River, Arkansas River, Colorado, New Mexico
expeditiona long journey of exploration
Continential Dividemtn. ridge that separates river systems that flow toward opposite sides of a continent
reasons France was willing to sell LANapoleon abandoned his plans for an empire in Am. and he needed $ for wars in Europe
Accomplishments of Lewis and Clarkreached the Pacific Ocean; studied LA territory; made friends with Native Am.
example of loose interpretation of the ConstitutionPres. Jefferson's purchase of LA
Barbary StatesNorth African nations
impressmentpractice of forcing people into service
embargoban on trade with another country
smugglerperson who violates trade laws and illegally sneaks good in/out of a country
Embargo Actforbid Am. to import or export goods
Nonintercourse Actallowed Am. to trade with all nations except Britain & France
reasons Embargo Act failedAm. suffered more than British or French
meaning of "we are all Federalists, we are all Republicans"Jeffersons attempt to unite the country

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