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Mitosis matching

Match these mitosis vocabulary words to their meanings. Play several times to get to all 18.
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mitosiscell division producing 2 daughter or identical diploid cells
diploid numberthe species number of chromosomes found in somatic tissue
meiosiscell division producing egg or sperm cells with the haploid number of chromosomes
gametesname of egg cells and sperm cells
somatic tissuebody tissue; tissue other than gametes
chromosomesDNA plus protein; has definite shape when cell division begins
chromatinchromosomes without a definite shape; found during interphase
chromatidarm of a chromosome
centromereholds chromatids together
centrioleforms spindle fibers used to manipulatye the chromosomnes around the cell during cell division
spindle fibers"threads"of protein which attach to centromeres and move chromosomes during the stages of mitosis
interphasecell not dividing; period of metabolic activity and growth in cell
prophasenuclear membrane disintegrates and chromosomes visible
metaphasespindle fibers move chromosomes along equator or center of cell with a chromatid on either side of the equator
anaphasechromatids pulled to the poles or ends of the cells
telophasefurrow forms to split cell
daughter cells2 identical cells that form at the end of cell division
cell cyclelife span of the cell


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