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vocab list 19

Admirably (adv):in a worthy manner; commendably; excellently
Affidavit (n):a sworn statement in writing
Amnesty (n):the granting of parson to a large number of persons
Bias (n):an attitude that always favors one way of feeling or acting over another; a prejudice
Censure (v, n):v- to criticize or blame; n- the act of blaming or condemning sternly
Diminutive (adj, n):adj- indicating small size or shortened form of a name; n- sometimes the state or quality of being lovable or pitiful
Inalienable (adj):impossible to take away or give up
Mosque (n):a Muslim place of worship
Rift (n):an opening made by splitting or separation; a split, a break in friendly relationships
Timorous (adj):easily frightened; fearful

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